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    We are supporting startups at early stages of their formation and developing, by using international experience of our mentors.



    Intensive acceleration program helps your startups to grow and develop in Azerbaijan and enter international markets.



    "INNOLAND" provides a creative working environment with co-working space that is available 24/7


    IT Training and Education Center

    This is a place to learn programming and gain knowledge about information technologies.


    Our Startup Portfolio

    A platform that allows you to add social proof and urgency to your online store by using pop-ups.


    An online delivery service specially designed for e-commerce platforms


    An online platform in the financial field that provides additional features based on customer data analysis


    Vriendly specialized in transferring VR experience into education and social networking


    Platform for the sale of honey and bee products


    A universal ticket selling platform directed for organizers of events


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    innoland news image

    "INNOLAND" and "Yeni Fikir" have signed a memorandum of cooperation

    On March 17, memorandum of understanding signed between "Innovations Center" LLC (INNOLAND), which is subordinate to the State Agency for Citizens Service and Social Innovations under the President of The Republic of Azerbaijan, and “Yeni Fikir” LLC. The purpose of the Memorandum is to support entrepreneurship ecosystems for technological startups in our country and in the regions of Azerbaijan and to implement a high-level partnership that serves the needs of emerging (or other) technology entrepreneurs.

    The document, along with the formation and development of technology entrepreneurship, also reflects cooperation issues related to the strengthening of business initiatives. Thus, the content of the Memorandum reflects the factors that are being estimated for the establishment and development of innovation ecosystems in our country, as well as business initiatives.

    "Innovations Center" LLC (INNOLAND) cooperates with local and international organizations in accordance with the strategy of the development of innovation ecosystem in our country and in the region, as well as for the development of technology entrepreneurship (startups). As one of such organizations, "Yeni Fikir" LLC is one of the companies operating in the intellectual sector in Azerbaijan and having a specific role in the formation of startup culture.

    Thus, the "Yeni Fikir" startup competition, which was held for the sixth time this year, is being implemented by "Yeni Fikir" LLC, sponsored by BP, the Baku Engineering University. The company "Yeni Fikir" cooperates with "Innovations Center" LLC (INNOLAND) in organizing the same startup competition. Five startup projects that will win the competition.

    The development of five startup projects that will win the competition will also be supported at the Innoland Incubation and Acceleration Center.


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    innoland news image

    A memorandum was signed between “Youth Inc.” and "INNOLAND"

    A memorandum was signed between “Youth Inc.” and "INNOLAND" Incubation and Acceleration Center.

    The memorandum was signed by the coordinator of the Entrepreneurial Program “Youth Inc.” Zaur Unsizade and the director of the “INNOLAND” Mamed Karim.

    The memorandum is intended for mutual exchange and development of educational and practical methods of both centers.

    Along with the exchange of experience and talents, joint demo-tours and training will be organized.

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    innoland news image

    The delegation of "Innoland" had been on a business trip to Hungary

    The delegation of INNOLAND Incubation and Acceleration Center attended the "NGO Digitalization" event in Hungary.

    Director of INNOLAND Incubation and Acceleration Center Mammad Karimov spoke at the event.

    The delegation also had meetings with the representers of the startup ecosystem in the events held in Budapest, Brussels, and Berlin.

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